The prices of the courses includes:

  • RESCUE BOAT assistance, our both schools works with a motor boat for a safety reasons. We are the only company in Diani Beach which works with the boat in case of any emergency;
  • Equipment (kites, boards, harnesses, safety vests, helmets, reef shoes;
  • Qualified Instructor, all our teachers having attended professional courses and holding international qualifications for the biggest kitesurfing organization (IKO International Kiteboarding Organization). 
  • RADIO COACHING, during our kitesurfing lessons we use radios for the best possible kitesurfing experience – no more shouting on the water!
  • IKO KITESURFING LICENSE, we will register you to the online platform to submit your current level of kitesurfing, in short it is a kitesurfing driving license which will also allow you to rent equipment all over the world at any IKO school. Click to find out more about all the benefits of being a member of IKO.
  • Safe and secured storage, showers, toilets, access, to the sunbeds and beach front restaurant.

Kitesurfing spot in Kenya:

In Kenya the wind blows everyday from morning to dusk, 7 months in a total. We have two windy seasons: December – mid March and June – September.

The kite spot depends on the tide, is very safe with the side on wind. We work with rescue boats to provide you safety during lessons.

Kitesurfing season in Kenya runs from late December to March and June to mid September. We get very constant and stable wind. Wind direction in Diani Beach is side/side-on. Wind speed in high season (December – March) spans between 14-24 knots so you’ll need medium to big kites. Wind speed in the low season ( June – mid September ) spans between 14 – 30 knots.

Temperatures to expect : bikini and boardshorts weather! Kenya and Diani Beach is fairly hot all year round. Water temperature is usually about 28° Celsius but it can drop down to 23° in July and August so bring a shorty just in case.

Were are we based?

We are super proud to be the only kitesurfing school in Kenya which have 2 branches. You will find KiteMotion Kitesurfing School in Diani Beach inside of 2 different resorts:

Choosing Between Two KiteMotion Schools

Are you struggling to decide which KiteMotion school to enroll in? Don’t worry, it’s a common question. Both schools offer the same services and prices, so it can be difficult to pick just one. Our recommendation is to use Google Maps to check the locations of both branches, and choose the one closest to your hotel.

Our schools on google maps:

The vibes to expect at KiteMotion in Soul Breeze:

Get blown away by the tranquility of Soul Breeze – a popular hangout to find your chill. It’s the perfect oasis to kick back, relax and experience live events with a bunch of like-minded solo travelers. Adventure seekers and backpackers alike, come and play around with the variety of activities on offer.

The vibes to expect at  KiteMotion Flamboynat Hotel in the center of Diani:

Its a serene and sophisticated destination. This boutique hotel boasts a stunning aesthetic with a top-notch restaurant and a beautifully designed pool. If you’re searching for a tranquil retreat under the palm trees with a peaceful ambiance, look no further than this luxurious getaway.

Our beautiful kite spot on the pictures


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