Learning kitesurfing was never easier and safer.

1H LESSON 60 Euro 40 Euro / person 30 Euro / person
2 Hrs total
130 Euro / person
3 hrs total
95 Euro / person
3 hrs total
4 hrs total
240 Euro / person
6 hrs total
200 Euro / person
6 hrs total
7 hrs total
330 Euro / person
10 hrs total
300 Euro / person
12 hrs total
350 Euro
7 hrs total
330 Euro / person
10 hrs total
300 Euro / person
12 hrs total
2 hrs total
80 Euro / person
2 hrs total

After kite course at KiteMotion you will be registered to International Kitebaording Organization and You will get kiteboarding license.

All prices includes equipment, instructor time and rescue boat assistance (we are the only kiteschool in Diani Beach which works with a rescue boat).

Prices can be converted to other currencies. We also accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).


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The accommodation included in this offer:

  • 10 nights at the villa with swimming pool, we have several houses next to each other, accommodation is surrounded by beautiful garden with playful monkeys and colorful flowers
  • breakfast included in the price of a package
  • private room with an own bathroom attached to the room
  • compound is fully secured
  • Villa has a wifi / perfect for remote working
  • house keeping included in the price
  • if you wish to bring second person with you we will add some little charges on top for additional guest in the room.


*To see the pictures of accommodation added to the "Early Bird booking" and get more information about the current promotion please contact us via email or whats app +254792443761

Lessons and rentals:

International Kiteboarding Organization.

Our team works according to the standards of the IKO. To ensure highest safety standards impact/floating vests and helmets are included in every beginner lesson and are optionally available for rent.  You will get IKO Vcard after the course, international certification will allow you to rent gear in most of the kiteschools around the world. 

Don't forget to bring

Rash vest, boardshorts, sunscreen, sunglasses with strap, neoprene shoes, right attitude 🙂 

You are safe! Rescue and beach assistance

Kitesurfing courses and rentals are inclusive of  professional rescue services. Our rescue team is always around the school ready to help. 

Radio Coaching

We use radios to give you the best teaching experience.

Kite spot in Diani Beach / Galu

In Kenya the wind blows everyday from morning to dusk, 7 months in a total.  We have two windy seasons:

December - mid March

June - September.

The kitespot depends on the tide, is very safe with the side on wind. We work with rescu boat to provide you safety during lessons.

Flat water and waves
KiteMotion is located right on the kitespot with perfect flat water in the low tide and if you prefer to kitesurf on waves, you can catch some surf behind the reef. The waves average 1m- 2m and break only 1000m from the shore. Kenya is also perfect for kitefoiling (kitefoil) when the tide is up. (Min 15cm - max 300cm)

Wind conditions
Kitesurfing season in Kenya runs from late December to March and June to mid September. We get very constant and stable wind. Wind direction in Diani Beach is side/side-on.

Wind speed in high season ( December - March ) spans between 14 - 25 knts so you'll need medium to big kites.

Wind speed in the low season ( June - mid September ) spans between 14 - 30 knts.

Bikini and boardshorts weather! Kenya and Diani Beach is fairly hot all year round. Water temperature is usually about 28° Celsius but it can drop down to 23° in July and August so bring a shorty just in case.

Do you want to know more?

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information!