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Kitesurfing in Diani Beach

When is right time to travel?



The kitespot depends on the tide, is very safe with the side on wind.

Flat water and waves
KiteMotion is located right on the kitespot with perfect flat water in the low tide and if you prefer to kitesurf on waves, you can catch some surf behind the reef. The waves average 1m- 2m and break only 1000m from the shore. Kenya is also perfect for kitefoiling (kitefoil) when the tide is up. (Min 15cm - max 300cm)

Wind conditions
Kitesurfing season in Kenya runs from late December to March and June to mid September. We get very constant and stable wind. Wind direction in Diani Beach is side/side-on.

Wind speed in high season ( December - March ) spans between 14 - 25 knts so you'll need medium to big kites.

Wind speed in the low season ( June - mid September ) spans between 14 - 30 knts.

Bikini and boardshorts weather! Kenya and Diani Beach is fairly hot all year round. Water temperature is usually about 28° Celsius but it can drop down to 23° in July and August so bring a shorty just in case.


10 good reasons to visit Kenya

Why you should plan your next vacations to magical Kenya?

Check what dreams are made of!


1. Wildlife

Kenya is one of the world's magnificent wildlife destinations! Beautiful parks, reserves and savannas gives home to some of the highest and most diverse populations of wildlife on the planet!


2.Slice of heaven

Miles of white sand coast and palm trees.
Kenyan coast line has beautiful tropical beaches 🌴it will charm you with warm and turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The temperature of the ocean always above 25 degrees.


3. Water sports & activities 

Loads to do: Kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more fun things to do! This place is perfect for the whole families, you will never get bored here.


4. Boat trips and sundowners

Original dhow have sailed the ocean for hundreds of years! Explore sand banks where you snorkel and sunbath, but definitely the most beautiful experience is to watch the sunset while sitting beneath big sails of this original boat.


5. Vibes and tropical tribes!

Kenya's tribes and their individual cultures have made Kenya such adorable and unique country! Just to be absolutely clear to you and give you some numbers Kenya has over 40 different tribes providing a rich cultural diversity and beauty to the country.


6. A mosaic of differences.

Ocean and wide open savannas, rain forests, waterfalls, mountains, lakes and more...Kenya really has it all! This is why it is much loved tourists destination.

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7. In harmony with nature

Kenya is well known for conservancies and is succeeding in protecting fauna and flora, people are incredibly passionate about their wildlife and protecting it!


8. Migration of whale sharks

Swimming with whale sharks is definitely an unforgettable travel experience. Some of the scuba diving schools in Kenya offer this unbeatable boat trip you should definitely go for! swimming with the largest fish in the seas is definitely experience of a life time!


9. For the photography lovers!

Are you always on the lookout for that perfect shot, beautiful lighting and fascinating stories?
Well, visit Kenya than, this country offers endless supply of all three. You will come back with tons of breathtaking pictures.


10.Magical walks in Diani Beach!

Kenya is a global hotspot for sea turtles. These magnificent creatures come to the shores and build their nests and lay eggs on. If you are lucky, you will see the babies hatching and finding their way into the ocean.

How to plan your holidays?

Flights and airlines to Kenya

You should check www.skyscanner.com or www.expedia.com to see which airlines can take you to Mombasa Airport and what tickets would cost.

  • Fly straight to Mombasa International Airport and than take a taxi to Diani Beach. Usually it takes 1 - 1,5h drive by car (depending on the traffic and ferry) to the kitesurfing spot in Diani Beach.
  • Alternatively, you could fly from Nairobi International Airport to Diani Beach with small inland flight to Ukunda air strip (Jambojet or Airkenya). If you choose this option you basically land on the beach.

Accommodation at the kitesurfing spot

The most comfortable way to spend your kitesurfing holidays is to book your stay right at the beach near the kite center, this way you will always hang with our kite community. Check accommodation near KiteMotion Kiteschool Diani Beach Kenya.

  • If you need our recommendation where to stay please contact us directly, or check the list of top 10 hotels and resorts we have prepared.

Airport transport

The flight tickets and accommodation booked? perfect, next step is to reserve your airport transfer with reliable taxi agency.

  • We work with the same reliable taxi agency for years. You can book taxi with us, let us know how many people travel with you and how big is your luggage. To see prices for the taxi go down.


Airport transfer

Transport from Mombasa airport to Diani Beach

Please let us know how many people travel with you and how big is your luggage. We will give you pricing according to all needed infos.

We will be more than happy to arrange a taxi from the airport to the kite center or to the hotel. Our driver awaits you in the arrival hall and will be holding up a sign with your name or KiteMotion logo.  Our taxis are much faster than the tour operator shuttles as they still have to make many stops on the way to drop off their guests. With our taxi you will reach Diani Beach after 1h - 1,30 minutes drive from Mombasa airport.

45euros / small car

for max 1 guest, small luggage   

60euros / small car

for max 2 guests, kite luggage 

75euros / big car

for max 4 guests, kite luggage 

* approximate prices, please contact us to know exact quotation for your particular transfer.

* also possible to arrange bus for a big group of kitesurfers.

covid 19 kenya

* Kenya reopened boarders for tourists and international flights resumed on 1.08.2020.

* All travelers must hold a PCR or serology negative Covid19 test which must be done within 96 hours before arrival.

* Citizens who have not done test may be refused boarding.

* Find a list of all the countries exempt from quarantine attached here.

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